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Dual Shades / Zebra Shades

The Trendiest Product on the Market with the highest Level in Light Control and Functionality

What Makes DUAL SHADES great

Dual shades offer the ultimate in light control and elegance. If you aspire to be on trend, then as the most fashionable product on the market, dual shades could be a perfect choice for you. Dual shades combine a horizontal band of fabric attached to a horizontal band of sheer. The fabric and sheer continue to alternate one another along the height of the shade. This gives an amazing amount of light control from view-through to privacy within seconds. It also allows you to set the shade in view-through or privacy modes at any height in the window.

The light filtering fabrics will give you full privacy both during the day and at night. Room darkening fabrics offer a thicker fabric band that will help block most of the light coming into a room. If you are looking for a better blackout option than consider a dual shade that has an additional light blocking shade in behind sometimes called an opera shade.

Dual shades operate very well on large windows because the fabrics are typically lightweight and easy to roll up and down with little effort. Be careful not to overdo it though, going too large may sometimes cause the fabric to ripple. The fabric sits vertical and attracts very little dust, so it requires infrequent dusting if any at all. Besides, one roll of the fabric and any dust just flutters off. As with any other fabric shade spills on the fabric would require professional cleaning. Small stains can sometimes be spot cleaned. For a polished look dual shades always come with a fabric or colour matched metal cassette headrail to cover the tube and components. Dual shades are available in cordless, motorized, and other child safe control options.

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