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Window Furnishings are not an easy task, even for professionals! That’s why here at Allure we’ve worked with 100’s of contractors over the years on a referral basis!

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Great Selection of Styles and Finishes

Unlike ready-made shades, which typically come in a limited number of styles and colours, custom shades offer you unlimited choices. Choose from a wide array of colours, textures and materials for your shades.

Top-Quality Custom Shades

When you choose custom shades for your home, you can rest assured you are purchasing a high-quality product made to last! Only top-quality fabrics and components are used in the manufacturing of your shades!

Value for Your money

When you consider the quality, durability, and superior appearance of custom-made shades, it’s easy to see that the true value lies in choosing a product that’s designed to look beautiful and last for many years to come.

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