Honeycomb Shades

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Honeycomb Shades

The Top Down Bottom Up Feature and High Energy Efficiency Make this Product a Top Contender...


Honeycomb shades are the most energy efficient window covering product available. Honeycomb or cellular shades have a hollow pocket construction. Available in single, double, and triple cells, this highly energy efficient product will keep your home comfy all year long. 

Cellular shades are useful in spaces where temperature control poses a problem, especially on south or west facing windows. Floor to ceiling windows in condos are notorious for energy loss. The honeycomb shade is a fantastic solution for this application. The top down option is a main feature, so you can raise the shade up, or lower it from the top down. This works impeccably in spaces where you need light and privacy. With the top-down bottom-up option, you can get light into the space and maintain privacy. Simply drop the shade down from the top while leaving the bottom section of the window covered, a perfect solution for bedrooms and bathrooms. Room darkening fabrics do an excellent job of blacking out the room, as a brilliant alternative to “hotel style” blackout draperies.

Cellular shades fit snugly when mounted on the inside of windows with very little light gaps preventing unnecessary light leakage through the sides.

Honeycomb shades have an accordion folding style and will stack up at the top of the window when fully raised. The fabric folds precisely so even when fully raised cellular shades will not block much of the window at the top. When lowered, light filtering fabrics allow sufficient light into the room but still maintain full privacy.

Honeycomb shades are available in several different textures and many colour options. The fabrics are all backed with a white liner keeping colours looking neutral from the outside.

Control options range from cordless, to cordless lift and lock, to fully motorized. Cellular shades are one of a select few styles that can be used to cover skylights and specialty shaped windows.

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