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What Makes ROLLER SHADES great

Roller shades are a simple, yet straightforward operating window covering selection. Quite fashionable as of late, roller shade fabrics have come a long way. They have evolved from the outdated solid blackout blinds of the 70’s and 80’s to modern prints and textures that correspond to natural fabrics that represent the latest trends of the 21st century. Styles range from simple classic design, to contemporary patterns, and modern colours.

Roller shades come standard with a continuous cord loop control. Simply pull on one side of the cord to roll it up and enjoy a full view to the outside. Pull on the other side of the cord to roll the shade all the way down. Of course, you can stop the shade at any height in the window.

A vast selection of fabrics allows you to choose from several varying opacities. Screen fabrics will allow you to enjoy the view to the outdoors even when the shade is fully lowered. Nighttime privacy is comprised, so these shades are best suited in spaces where privacy is not needed but sun protection is essential. Light filtering or semi opaque fabrics allow the daylight to flow into the room but also give you full privacy when closed. Blackout roller shades are great for bedrooms or anywhere darkness is required.

The heading of a roller shade is available in a few types. Open roll indicates there is nothing at the top to cover the tube, brackets, and components. A regular roll is common and is when the shade rolls down from the back of the tube. A reverse roll is when the fabric rolls down from the front side of the tube. This can be used in many situations but particularly for inside mount applications. A fabric cassette cover creates a more finished look at the top of the window treatment. It is wrapped in the same fabric as the shade itself. For a modern spin, an aluminum fascia can be used in a coordinating colour.

Rollers shades are a popular treatment for motorized control. Either with a remote control, or with an app that can be operated with your phone from anywhere in the world.

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