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Wood Shutters

Crafted Like A Fine Piece of Furniture That Brings In The Warmth of Natural Products...

What Makes WOOD SHUTTERS great

Like exquisitely crafted wood furniture, the natural beauty of wood shutters will add richness and warmth to your home. Custom crafted with premium quality hardwood and state-of-the-art technology, wood shutters have a superb lustrous finish, superior structural integrity, and excellent durability.

High quality wood shutters are made only from the select and better grade of North American hardwood. It is a straight grained hardwood that reveals more consistency in colour and grain pattern. It allows for a higher level of paint or stain absorption. The North American hardwood is kiln dried to optimal levels for durability and strength.

Premium wood shutters go through multiple sanding and painting stations. The stain or paint is applied evenly through the entire surface of the shutter. Ultraviolet inhibitors are applied to protect against the harmful effects of the environment. Many of the top brands are EnviroGreen or GreenGuard certified to meet regulations regarding formaldehyde and VOC emissions. Environmentally friendly shutters support higher air quality for us to breath clean air. A common service issue for wood shutters can be due to the louver staples detaching from the tilt bar. The exclusive Enduralink connectors from Maxxmar are used to attach the louvers to the tilt bar, so no staples are required. These connectors allow for better closure and a much quieter operation of the slats.

Shutters come in 3 sizes 2 ½” California, 3 ½” Plantation, and 4 ½” Oceanview. Shutters are available in a traditional front side tilt bar design, or rear hidden tilt. No dangling cords means shutters are one of the safest products for children and pets. Dusting and cleaning with any wood friendly product, that does not contain ammonia, will safeguard the finish.

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